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Ford Reports Q4 2020 Sales


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Ford reported Q4 total industry sales of about 4.3 million vehicles, a small decline of 2.8% over a year ago. Ford estimates the retail industry was up 2.7%, while fleet was off 26.3%.

The month of December finished the year strong with industry sales up 5.2% over a year ago, equating to a 16.9 million total vehicle SAAR.


Sales of the all-new 2021 F-150 began in December, with more trucks in transit, while currently averaging just six days on dealer lots.


Ford sales were impacted by lower F-150 inventories from the lingering effects of the Q2 coronavirus production stoppage leading up to the all-new F-150 transition. Super Duty sales maintained a strong selling pace and were up 14.1%, while F-150 sales were off 32.7%.


Q4 marks an inflection point for Ford, as Fusion and Fiesta sales wind down, F-150 transitions and new SUVs, including Bronco Sport and Mustang Mach E, sales begin.


Ford Q4 retail sales adjusted for F-150’s transition were up 4%, outperforming the estimated retail industry gain of 2.7%.


Q4 Ford brand SUV sales posted an overall increase of 4.7% and 9.8% at retail, led by...

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