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Best Used Cars for 2021 Show Value Retention, High NHTSA Rating

Written by Auto Remarketing Staff
iSeeCars praised the Honda CR-V (2018 model pictured) for its longevity, efficiency and above-average passenger and cargo room for its class. iSeeCars praised the Honda CR-V (2018 model pictured) for its longevity, efficiency and above-average passenger and cargo room for its class. Photo courtesy of Honda


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Search engine iSeeCars.com says that buyers have much to consider when buying a used car, such as reliability, safety and value retention.

With those and other factors in mind, buyers looking for a used compact pickup truck should give serious consideration to the Toyota Tacoma, iSeeCars said.


“Toyota has a reputation for building indestructible trucks, which is proven by the performance of the Tacoma,” the company said in a news release.


Toyota was one of the standouts as iSeeCars recently released an analysis on the best used cars across all vehicle types.


iSeeCars said that it conducted the research to help people navigate the used car buying process, performing the legwork for prospective vehicle buyers, analyzing more than 20 million cars.


The company said the winning vehicles have demonstrated long-term reliability, hold their value the best and have the highest National Highway Transit Safety Administration average safety ratings.


Starting with SUVs, iSeeCars notes the continuing rise in popularity of SUVs and crossovers. The number of SUV models hitting the marketplace grows each year, iSeeCars added.


The company named the Honda CR-V as the best used compact SUV, saying that its demonstrated longevity, efficiency and above-average passenger and cargo room for its class place it among the best-selling vehicles in the country.


“It also boasts excellent safety scores and below-average ownership costs,” iSeeCars said.


iSeeCars named the Subaru Outback as the best used compact SUV runner-up, saying that although its official designation is as a crossover wagon, the Outback is often compared to compact SUVs.


“The Subaru Outback earns a mention for being...

...a long-lasting and safe vehicle with high value retention and is praised for its car-like driving dynamics, standard all-wheel drive and class-leading cargo space,” iSeeCars said.


For best used midsize SUV, iSeeCars names the Toyota Highlander as the winner, with the Toyota 4Runner coming in as runner-up. The company describes the Highlander as a long-lasting and safe SUV with high value retention.


“A popular family hauler, it’s roomy and has an accessible third row of seating and ample cargo room," iSeeCars writes. “It also offers a suite of safety features to add to its solid reputation for reliability.”


According to the iSeeCars study, the Chevrolet Tahoe is the best used full-size SUV, with the Ford Expedition coming in as runner-up. The Tahoe, according to iSeeCars, is a long-lasting and safe SUV. It also boasts high value retention, according to the company.


“It’s one of the more affordable vehicles in the full-size SUV class, making it a practical family hauler for those who require a great deal of cargo and passenger space,” iSeeCars writes.


On the overall list of winners in 23 categories, Toyota placed eight vehicles, Honda placed four, Acura placed three and Lexus, two.


Some of the runners-up included the Ford Expedition in the best used full-size SUV category, the Honda Pilot in the best three-row SUV category and the Chevrolet Impala in the best used large sedan category. iSeeCars describes the Impala as one of the longest-lasting sedans on the road.


“It rides comfortably and has plenty of cargo and passenger space,” iSeeCars writes.


For its study, iSeeCars.com analyzed more than 24 million cars from its 2020 studies on Longest-Lasting Cars and Cars that Hold their Value, and it combined the results with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash test ratings from 2011 to 2020.


Only vehicles that were included in both studies and showed at least one overall crash test rating from NHTSA between 2011 and 2020 were eligible to be included in the study.


iSeeCars said that buyers in the market for a used car should consider a vehicle from this best used vehicle list.


The company writes, “These cars are proven to be reliable and safe while maintaining their value for their owners.”


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