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Automotive Experts Explore Smart Cities, Electrification and COVID’s Impact

Written by Emmariah Holcomb, glassBYTEs.com


...automated vehicle systems coming together to create a sweet spot for automated transit and self-driving vehicles.”


Bailo noted a smart city includes one app that gives people access to any type of mobility solution, which makes traveling and getting around the city easier. In the U.S., Bailo mentioned electric vehicles make up less than 5% of cars sold year over year; however, she said that is bound to change.


Industry 5.0


According to McCoy, the fifth industrial revolution will focus on the cooperation between man and machine as human intelligence works with cognitive computing. From this process, he says workers will be “upskilled” to provide value-added tasks in production, leading to mass customization and personalization for customers.


“We all burn fuel for fun. We’re hotrodders and gas has become such a dirty word,” said McCoy. “So, what if we can take connected overall systems and intelligent engineering and upcycle our supply and power sources---wheels, tires, motors. When you start to look at what can be created with advanced manufacturing on top of it, it’s going to solve that small- to medium-size problem of cost.”


Francis reviewed some of the technologies that could be used to transition into Industry 5.0, which include material engineering; applications of additive, metamorphic and smart manufacturing; advanced alloy and process development; and multi-material joining.


“If anyone thinks the pace of change isn’t accelerating, I strongly suggest you widen the group of people you talk to,” said Francis, referring to the Industry 5.0 technologies his organization is tasked with testing and implementing. “There’s a tsunami of change going on in manufacturing. It’s here and now. I would rather be in front of a tsunami than in middle or behind.”


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