Tuesday, 15 December 2020 09:55

2021 Ford Trends Report Finds Consumers Resilient and Adaptive Amid Pandemic


...take a stand on social issues, and 75% say they think brands today are trying to do the right thing.


Good Buy


Amid the pandemic, how we buy---and what we seek to buy---has transformed. Companies big and small are adapting at blazing speed, and many consumers are embracing and enjoying the new normal.


75% of adults globally say they appreciate the ways in which companies have improved the shopping experience since the pandemic began, and 41% say they don’t want to go back to the way they shopped before the pandemic.


Traffic Detour


The pandemic may have you feeling stuck, but we are not at a standstill---personal transportation is flourishing.


Bike sales have soared and cities have shut down streets to make space for cyclists. Car sales have boomed as people seek security in knowing they can control their environment. And smart city planning is accelerating the way for fully implemented autonomous driving.


67% of adults globally say they are “hopeful about the future of autonomous vehicles,” and 68% of parents say they’d rather...