Tuesday, 15 December 2020 17:55

2021 Ford Trends Report Finds Consumers Resilient and Adaptive Amid Pandemic


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2020 has been a year no one saw coming. COVID-19 has wrought economic, political and emotional chaos, testing the limits of individuals, families, health care systems and whole sectors of societies.

Yet as the ninth annual "Looking Further with Ford Trends Report" highlights, the global pandemic also reveals just how resilient people can be in finding ways to cope and adapt.


“As we barrel into 2021 and look forward to a post-pandemic world, it’s clear that the changes brought about by COVID-19 have changed us---but to what degree?” said Sheryl Connelly, global consumer trends and futuring manager for Ford Motor Company.


“Ford and other companies are keenly interested to know what changes will stick long after COVID is in our rearview mirror. And while no one can predict the future, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for it,” said Connelly.


In a global survey of 14 countries, 69% of respondents say they are overwhelmed by the changes they see taking place in the world. When asked how well they have adapted to the changes during the pandemic, 53% say adapting has been “harder than I imagined,” while 47% say it has been “easier than I imagined.”


Younger generations have taken it harder than their older peers: 63% of Gen Zers say adapting has been harder than they imagined, vs. 42% of Boomers who say the same.


The 2021 Ford Trends Report examines these changing patterns in consumer behavior and attitudes around the globe to help decision makers understand how these shifts may influence our world in 2021 and beyond. Other trends highlighted in the report include:


Pressure Points


Worldwide, anxiety is high---fueled by fears of contracting COVID-19 and concerns about the pandemic's impact on communities, employment, education and more. 63% of adults globally say they feel...

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