Monday, 14 December 2020 19:57

CRASH Network, Collision Advice: ‘Backyarder’ Auto Body Shops Are the Ones Disappearing

Written by John Huetter, Repairer Driven News

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Despite reports of shops closing their doors, industry experts for years have fixed the number of collision repair businesses at between 32,000 and 36,000, Collision Advice CEO Mike Anderson said on a webinar this fall.

“The number never changed,” he said during an Oct. 29 event.


Untangling these two contradictory trends---vanishing shops yet a steady business count---requires going deeper and considering what Anderson called “backyarder” body shops, according to the webinar.


Anderson presented 2017 Census Bureau data---the most recent available---collected by CRASH Network.


The chart showed the number of auto body repair businesses in each state that year who paid payroll taxes. It contrasted these tallies with 2012 shop counts.


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