Monday, 14 December 2020 08:41

After Historic Turnaround in Q3, U.S. Auto Dealer Current Market Sentiment Fades in Q4


...48% of franchised dealers citing it as a factor holding back their business. Limited Inventory fell to the No. 2 position at 44%, beating Business Impacts From COVID-19 at 39%.


The Economy dropped in factor ranking for franchises and was No. 4 at 33%. Market Conditions remained within the top factors, dropping to fifth place for franchises and rounding out the top five.


For independents, Business Impacts From COVID-19 was cited marginally less quarter over quarter at 49%, but remained the top factor holding back business. The second factor for independent dealers was Limited Inventory, with a statistically significant decline from the top spot in Q3.


The Economy rose to the No. 3 spot at 40%, switching positions quarter over quarter with Market Conditions at 39%. Political Climate stayed in the fifth ranking for independents at 37%.


Source: Cox Automotive


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