Monday, 14 December 2020 08:26

Shops’ Opportunity to Grade Insurers' Performance Ends This Week

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This is the final week for collision repair professionals to grade the performance of the insurance companies in their state, with CRASH Network’s “Insurer Repair Card” ending Dec. 18.

“The response to this year’s ‘Insurer Report Card’ has been excellent, but we’d still like to gather perspective from more shops,” said John Yoswick of CRASH Network. “In addition to national results, we will produce state-specific reports for the states in which we have enough participants. We hope this week to add to the number of states in which enough shops have graded the insurers.”


The “Insurer Repair Card” asks collision repairers to grade each insurer based on how well each carrier's policies and practices ensure quality repairs and customer service. It can be completed in less than three minutes, and all individual shop information will remain confidential.

Shops that complete the “Insurer Report Card” and provide an email address will be sent the results, at no charge, once they are compiled.


Shops can click here to grade the insurers.


For more information about the weekly CRASH Network bulletin, visit www.CrashNetwork.com.


Source: CRASH Network