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DCR Systems' Virtual Central Claims Handling Streamlines Process for Repairers, Insurers


...settle the claim without having to visit a shop.


The subject-matter experts then review all the information and ensure it is complete, understandable and meets the company’s standards before it is forwarded to the insurance company. If insurers have questions, they talk to the central claims team rather than the stores directly.


Due to the company’s geographic locations spread out in multiple states, they have conducted aspects of the business virtually for years.


“The pandemic has really accelerated that,” said Giarrizzo. “By implementing this system, our network of non-DRP stores is realizing cost savings as well as becoming more efficient.”


The team has also found there is less interruption on the shop floor and more consistency in the way claims are settled. This allows technicians to focus on the diagnostics of the vehicle as well as everything that needs to happen in regard to parts procurement and researching repair guidelines.


Frank Lopiccolo, store support specialist at DCR Systems, helps manage each claim to ensure it is ready and defendable for insurers to review.


“We’ve adopted a system that helps us settle claims faster with bulletproof evidence,” he said. “Not only does this allow us to be as efficient and lean as we can be to settle claims faster with insurance companies, but we can also get customers back in their cars sooner.”


Lopiccolo said that by providing everything the insurance company needs to settle the claim virtually, it keeps employees and adjusters safe.


“I believe that this is ultimately claims settling of the future,” he said.


For more information about DCR Systems and the next generation version expected to be released soon, click here.


Source: DCR Systems

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