Tuesday, 01 December 2020 15:34

DCR Systems' Virtual Central Claims Handling Streamlines Process for Repairers, Insurers


DCR Systems has announced the development of a virtual system to centralize claims handling for its network of dealer-based collision centers.

Referred to as “DCR Systems Central Claims,” the system draws upon a team of subject-matter and claims experts who are well-versed in OEM repair procedures, training requirements and other pertinent information related to the repair.


“DCR Systems Central Claims was created so we could be really consistent in our approach to repairing a vehicle and how we present the evidence and supporting documentation to help settle the claim on behalf of the vehicle owner,” said Michael Giarrizzo, president and CEO of DCR Systems, based in Ohio.


“Our teams are always thinking outside of the box---how can we do things better to increase efficiency and benefit the vehicle owners?” said Cheryl Boswell, CFO of DCR Systems. “Our Central Claims team and process is just one of those ideas that we can put into action.”


Giarrizzo said one of the challenges for a non-DRP business is the continuous interruptions during a vehicle’s repair.


“It’s not intentional, but field appraisers often come in while repair planners are in the middle of working on a complex vehicle,” he said. “They get pulled away by the adjusters to look at another vehicle or a supplement.”


As a result, DCR Systems created a system during the pandemic for centralized claims handling.


Central Claims works in conjunction with the DCR Systems Electronic Claims Package, a cloud-based portal developed in 2019. Giarrizzo said the portal provides 24/7 instant remote access to claims information and was created to help streamline the settlement process and minimize waste in claims handling.


Each store submits the claims information through a portal to the centralized claims team, where they can view photos, videos, position statements, invoices, guidelines and other information. This provides adjusters a contactless way to...

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