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Ford Explorer Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit Settlement

Written by David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com


A Ford Explorer carbon monoxide lawsuit settlement has been reached between the automaker and SUV owners.

The Ford Explorer exhaust odor lawsuit was filed in 2017 alleging 2016-2017 Explorers allow exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide into the cabins.


The carbon monoxide class action lawsuit alleges Ford concealed defects which resulted in hundreds of complaints about exhaust odors.


The proposed lawsuit settlement includes 2016-2017 Ford Explorers, but Ford Explorer police vehicles are excluded.


The three Explorer owners who sued allege there are multiple defective areas of the SUVs that allow exhaust odors to enter the cabins:


  • Bumpers and tailpipes
  • Rear air extractors and auxiliary air conditioning systems
  • Drain valves in the liftgates
  • Sheet metal panels and overlaps
  • Joints and seams


The automaker denies all allegations in the lawsuit and denies all liability but chose to settle due to the length and expense of a trial and resulting appeals.


What the Carbon Monoxide Settlement Means for Owners


Ford Explorer customers will be notified about customer service programs which Ford offered prior to the settlement agreement.


Field service action 17N03 was originally announced in October 2017, and field service action 19N05 was announced in 2019.


Service action 17N03 expired at the end of 2018, but 2016-2017 Explorer customers will be...

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