Wednesday, 18 November 2020 20:07

Amid COVID-19, Bridgestone Survey Finds U.S. Drivers Plan to Hit the Road This Winter


As the winter season approaches, drivers have signaled their road travel will not slow down despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

A new survey from Bridgestone Americas reveals more than one in three drivers plan to take road trips totaling 500 miles or more this season, and an additional one in three drivers who travelled by car to their holiday destinations in 2019 will do so again in 2020.


"Winter tires are essential safety features for anyone regularly driving in winter conditions," said Jeff Cook, executive director of marketing strategy and product portfolio planning for Bridgestone Americas. "Just like the soles of our shoes, tires are designed for different performance needs. Bridgestone encourages all drivers to ensure they are arming their vehicles with the right tires for their lifestyle and travel plans this season."


According to a survey conducted by Bridgestone, more than half (54%) of drivers who live in regions that frequently experience winter weather have lost control of their vehicle due to snow and ice.


However, less than a third (28%) equip their vehicles with winter tires, which are designed to provide better traction, braking and handling on snow, ice and slush. Special rubber technology and an optimized tread pattern allow winter tires to remain flexible in low temperatures, dig deep into snow and channel away water and slush.


When it comes to driving in snow and ice, more than half (56%) of drivers who live in regions that experience frequent winter weather say they are "very confident." Yet the majority believe several common myths about winter driving, including that four-wheel drive makes stopping in snow more effective, and that warming up your car prior to driving improves its performance.


However, Bridgestone reminds drivers winter tires can provide the increased traction, braking and handling drivers need to conquer wintry conditions and are important for safer driving during the holiday season.


The survey by Bridgestone also found three in four (76%) drivers have lost visibility due to...

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