Thursday, 12 November 2020 23:05

AkzoNobel Invests in WIN’s Future 


...has been involved in the organization since its inception.


“Being part of an organization like WIN allows us to champion some of the key issues facing our industry today, namely the development, advancement and retention of women,” said Sullivan. “WIN does a great job of connecting women to the industry at a deeper level.” 


AkzoNobel has had numerous employees, distributors and customers involved in the WIN Board, on various committees and as members since 2006.


“AkzoNobel takes great pride in its sponsorship of WIN by driving industry leadership within its membership,” said Brad Hendricks, regional sales manager, automotive and specialty coatings U.S. “It is extremely important to AkzoNobel as a company to support and inspire women to become great leaders within this industry and their businesses.”


“Our sponsors are key in WIN’s growth and ability to achieve our strategic initiatives to strengthen our network, resource our industry and expand our capacity,” said Cheryl Boswell, WIN chair. “We appreciate and thank AkzoNobel for its commitment to women in the industry through the creation of MIW and continued WIN financial, leadership and resource support since our inception.”


WIN is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. WIN recognizes excellence, promotes leadership and fosters a network specifically for and among women. WIN drives industry sustainability by developing women through education and connections.


For more information go to www.womensindustrynetwork.com.


Source: WIN

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