Monday, 26 October 2020 21:47

Creating Your Personalized SEMA360 Itinerary

Written by Ashley Reyes, SEMA

Attending SEMA360 online allows participants to conveniently log in and out as needed, beginning from the time the event opens Nov. 2 until it ends on Nov. 6.

But with more than 100 scheduled events and activities, attendees should begin creating a schedule and adding to their calendars now to ensure they don’t miss out.



Here is a suggested day-by-day list of SEMA360 activities targeting different segments of the industry, and where each event can be found within the platform. The list is simply a suggestion, and participants are advised to visit the entire list of educational seminars, activities and  manufacturers when creating their schedules.


The activities can be found in different areas throughout the SEMA360 platform and will only be available to those who register and receive login credentials. To ensure there are no delays in the approval process and that login information is sent as early as possible, apply today at www.sema360.com.  


Click here for a breakdown of must-see areas and activities for business owners and entrepreneurs, the motorsports industry, installers and restylers, the truck and off-road industry, the hot rod and restoration industry, the wheel and tire industry, technology, media, marketers and businesswomen.


We thank SEMA for reprint permission.

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