Friday, 23 October 2020 09:42

Avnet Poised to Play Key Role in Next-Generation Automotive Technology

Written by David Edwards, Robotics and Automation News


For Avnet, a number of key technologies are in immediate demand that fit in to all of the above categories of automation or autonomy.


Autonomous driving and ADAS: Autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with previously basic computer vision integrating collision avoidance and object detection functions, among others, using LiDAR and radar.


In-cabin artificial intelligence: As we all know, AI is involved more and more in driving, which means that electronics will become the next big technology market driver. Cars and trucks are also connecting to the cloud, and increasing availability is making in-cabin AI affordable across all vehicles.


Instrument cluster, infotainment and display: Touchscreen virtual dashboards which dispense with any mechanical parts, as well as voice-activated functions, are increasingly emerging as the dashboard of choice for automotive manufacturers and their customers.


Electrification: The move from petrol engines to electric is probably the change that most people will be the most prominent in people’s minds, and Avnet says electrification is likely to span more functions than currently imagined, and therefore provide more opportunities for automotive applications developers.


Platforms, sensors and chips: Some experts say that in the future, vehicles will more or less build themselves. They’ll start as little more than a wheeled platform, then go from one robotic cell to another, gradually being built to a complete product. Increasingly sophisticated and application-specific sensors and chips are also being designed for this trend, which could see the end of the historic assembly line in automotive manufacturing.


Toyota, one of the world’s largest automotive brands, encapsulates the changes happening in the industry in one word---CASE, an acronym for “connected, autonomous, shared, electric."


Although self-explanatory, it’s interesting to delve into the implications of each of the words.