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Tesla Finally Admits ‘Design Flaw’ in Model 3 Bumpers Falling off in Rain

Written by Fabienne Lang, Interesting Engineering
Tesla Finally Admits ‘Design Flaw’ in Model 3 Bumpers Falling off in Rain loganjamal/Instagram


Tesla has spoken up and admitted there is a problem with its Model 3s built up to May 2019.

The issue is that the body panel of the rear bumpers has been falling off when going through puddles of water. 


The issue has been known for a while now, but it took until now for Tesla to admit to a design flaw, as per Electrek.


The flaw meant that some Tesla Model 3 owners were noticing their rear bumpers falling off when going through water puddles or when heavy rainfall was happening. 


After the rear bumper issue with its Model 3s was made public, Tesla said it would look into the matter. That was roughly two years ago, per Electrek, and just this year the EV-maker admitted its design fault in the matter. 


It's an odd thing to happen, to experience your car losing its rear bumper merely by being wet. Moreover, it was supposedly tricky for certain Tesla owners to have their EVs repaired under the company's warranty after they underwent this problem. The company was pushing back on how deep the water was when the owners drove over these puddles. 


From the footage you see on YouTube and on Twitter, these puddles really weren't very big, and sometimes it was just heavy rainfall that led to the issue. 


It's only after a particular video of a Model 3 losing its rear bumper went viral that Tesla fessed up.

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