Wednesday, 16 September 2020 18:39

SEMA Data Co-op Expands Services Through PartsHub Acquisition


A well-regarded DIY PIM system with customers scoring PartsHub at nine out of 10 across criteria of ease-of-use, responsiveness, features and functionality


PartsHub’s integration with the SDC PIM system will make the transition for current PartsHub customers seamless. They will continue to manage their product data within PartsHub without any rate changes.


One-on-one orientation for the additional services provided by the SDC will be conducted for current PartsHub users, who will now be included into SDC’s robust and active reseller network, have access to SDC’s data experts for questions and guidance, and participate in SDC’s Data Excellence Award program.


Additional transitions will be rolled out over the next 30 to 60 days as the SDC team gears up with training and data management for SDC’s current members. Inquiries can be directed to info@semadatacoop.org and additional information about the SEMA Data Co-op can be found at www.semadatacoop.org.


Source: SDC

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