Tuesday, 15 September 2020 17:45

Transition to Electric Vehicles Would Set America on Path to Save Lives, Avoid Health Care Costs


Climate change threatens the health of all Americans, and nearly half of Americans are living with and breathing unhealthy air.

The transportation sector is a leading contributor to both climate change and air pollution, and a new report from the American Lung Association finds that a widespread transition to electric cars, buses and trucks---increasingly powered by clean, non-combustion renewable energy---would benefit the lives and health of Americans across the nation.

"The Road to Clean Air" report outlines the broad benefits of the transition to an electric transportation sector over the coming decades, avoiding approximately 6,300 premature deaths and preventing more than 93,000 asthma attacks and 416,000 lost workdays per year based on emission reductions in 2050.


These public health benefits are valued at more than $72 billion, based on pollution reductions in 2050. The transition to electric vehicles would also help avoid the worst impacts of climate change, with avoided climate impacts valued at up to $113 billion in 2050.


The economic benefits outlined in the report could be just the beginning as transitioning the electricity grid to cleaner, non-combustion renewable power and developing new electric vehicle technologies drives greater innovation and supports green jobs.


"America stands to benefit from cleaner air through a transition to electric vehicles," said American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer. "Electric vehicles mean zero emissions from cars, buses and trucks, translating to cleaner air and better health for all Americans. Such a transition would also help address the climate emergency, which threatens the health and future of all Americans today."

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