Tuesday, 25 August 2020 18:41

2020 SEMA Market Report: Pickup Products Top $14 Billion in Sales

Written by Matt Kennedy, SEMA

While 2020 has been a rough year for vehicle sales, pickups seem to be weathering the storm better than other platforms.

According to data from Informa PLC, sales of new pickup trucks took the smallest hit among passenger vehicle segments during March and April. Year-to-date sales of pickups are down just 10% from 2019, versus a 22% drop for overall passenger vehicle sales.


According to Experian Automotive, there were roughly 56 million pickups on the road at the end 2019 and another 1.5 million new pickups have been added to the mix in the first half of this year.


Continued pickup sales is great for the specialty-equipment industry, as pickup parts accounted for 31% of all specialty auto aftermarket sales in 2019. 


The 2020 SEMA Market Report details how the $14.28 billion spent modifying pickups breaks out by product type and sales channel.


As vehicle sales continue to recover and consumers use the opportunity to work on their trucks, the Market Report can help businesses understand what these consumers will likely be looking for during the rest of the year and beyond.


To learn more, visit www.sema.org/research and download the 2020 SEMA Market Report for free today.


You can also browse SEMA’s other available research reports or contact us directly for more information and resources available to members and the broader industry.


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