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Could Your Dealership Use a Culture Tune-Up to be More Effective?

Written by Martha Rader, CBT Automotive Network


The type of culture your organization demonstrates every day---behaviors, actions, decisions---has an impact on employee motivation, customer satisfaction, productivity, performance and retention.

Companies have a culture, whether it is what is articulated and intended, or what continually evolves as managers and employees come and go who have their own core values and beliefs. It takes emotional intelligence (EQ) and the leadership skills of managers to carry out the intended culture. 


If leaders and managers have not been provided leadership development and are not equipped to understand how their leadership style or personality affect others, or don’t understand how others are hardwired and act with empathy and give effective coaching and feedback, you may have a hard time with employee motivation, productivity and retaining talent, including a diverse workforce.


This has a direct impact on workload, stress, satisfaction and the bottom line.


As a top leader or owner, there are three areas to ask yourself to determine if your leadership/management team needs a tune-up, new or sharpened tools.


Emotional Intelligence


Leadership never stops, and today more than ever, leadership matters. There is a heightened need for effective leaders who can understand themselves and others to influence individuals in a forward positive productive direction. 


This takes emotional intelligence skills. How are your leader/manager’s emotional intelligence skills? Do they understand how their actions affect others? Do they pay attention to employee individual needs to influence long-term engagement productivity and performance? How is their empathy and self-management in times of crisis? Is it time for a tune-up and to sharpen their leadership blades or tools?  

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