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Toyota Non-Reusable Parts Thoroughly Identified in Audatex, CCC and Mitchell Platforms

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During IBIS USA 2020, George Irving Jr., Toyota’s national manager of service and collision operations, announced the manufacturer’s success in its efforts to clearly identify non-reusable parts in several major estimating systems, including Audatex, CCC and Mitchell.

Although today’s Toyotas use nearly 5,500 non-reusable parts, the largest number identified in a single estimating platform was just 1,500 prior to the initiative. In one system, only 300 non-reusable parts were identified.


While the previous unidentified non-reusable parts aren’t large components, they are “vital,” according to Irving.


Toyota Collision Repair and Refinish Training Assistant Manager Eric Mendoza clarified the OEM’s position on non-reusable parts in a May 2016 CRR Training article.


“Non-reusable parts---sometimes referred to as one-time-use parts---are parts that are designed to be installed only once," Mendoza said. "[They] shouldn’t be reinstalled because they won’t operate as they were originally designed to upon second use. Reusing these parts can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a failed repair. It can cause water or air leakage, rattling, or can accidently damage other nearby parts.”


According to Toyota CRIB Bulletin No. 188, “There are a wide variety of parts identified as non-reusable… Toyota non-reusable parts are designed to be installed only once. If removed, they must be replaced and not reused. Toyota strongly recommends the use of new Genuine OEM parts when parts are identified as non-reusable in the repair manual.”


Irving is hopeful the updates to the estimating systems will help alleviate the “tedious” job for collision repairers of consulting OEM repair procedures to determine which parts are non-reusable; however, it’s still vital for repairers to examine the OEM procedures when installing a part, in case Toyota updates its instructions, since the change may not be captured in the estimating system immediately.


One-time-use parts are identified with a black dot in the components section of the vehicle-specific Toyota Service Repair Manual. Toyota recommends estimators and technicians review this material before beginning work on any vehicle to ensure all needed work is captured in the estimate and all parts are ordered in a timely fashion.


Repair manuals for all Toyota models can be accessed through Toyota’s Technical Information System (TIS.)


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