Tuesday, 30 June 2020 19:20

Car Dealers, Prepare for Lease-Return Tsunami

Written by Adam Armbruster, Wards Auto




Is a certified preowned vehicle a better deal than a new lease? Maybe. Tell that story. CPO buyers are often businesspeople and salespeople who want the look of a new car without the first-owner depreciation impact.


Some dealers are all-in with CPO, such as The Hyundai Giant in Florida and Ricart Auto Group in Ohio.


If a lease return customer could compare your CPO with their lease payment side by side, would you win? If so, market this comparison.


Max this out on your dealer website and digital and TV marketing. Show this as an “always” option for a buyer. Don’t wait and hope the customer will analyze values on their own. Real data is hard to find among the fog of sales pitches on the internet. Help customers decide.


The 2020 Great Lease Return Tsunami is imminent. Will you be swept over by this massive wave or surf it to massive sales success?


Adam Armbruster is a senior partner at Eckstein, Summers, Armbruster & Co., a media consulting firm. He can be reached at Adam@ESAROI.com and 941-928-7192.


We thank Wards Auto for reprint permission. 

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