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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 19:20

Car Dealers, Prepare for Lease-Return Tsunami

Written by Adam Armbruster, Wards Auto


In March and April, many consumers got extensions on their leased-vehicle terms because of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, get ready for the Great Lease Return Tsunami.

What can dealers do take advantage of this movement and regain revenue lost because of slow or nearly non-existent sales during the COVID-19 business lockdowns earlier this year?


Here are three smart ways to convert some of the millions of lease returns into buyers:




Automakers’ attractive finance incentives are still trumping many new lease deals. But consumers can’t choose a dealership if they don’t understand the difference in monthly payment. 


Market your values against lease offerings, make clear the value difference and the added value of owning vs. leasing. Explain the “You Own It” benefit. Move up the sales funnel and get to consumers early. Get involved in their thinking.


Everyone’s a Prospect


Many consumers buy something other than what they initially intended to buy. And many people who turn in their lease vehicles don’t lease the same model again or don’t re-lease at all.


People change their minds as they shop: used-vehicle buyers become new-vehicle buyers, and vice versa, and lessees become purchasers. Market to all of the them to ensure you get a big shot at everyone in the market.

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