Friday, 19 June 2020 00:18

COVID-19 Waivers Emerge as Flashpoint in Absence of Liability Shield

Written by Alex Gangitano, The Hill

Businesses and schools are increasingly turning to coronavirus waivers to guard against potential lawsuits in the absence of a federal liability shield. 

The use of waivers garnered national attention last week when the Trump campaign told attendees for an upcoming rally in Tulsa, OK, that they must agree not to sue the campaign or venue if they contract the coronavirus. Since then, the Ohio State University football program has asked players to sign an acknowledgment of risk waiver regarding COVID-19.


Proponents of a liability shield argue the proliferation of waivers shows there’s demand for a federal standard, while opponents say employers and academic institutions shouldn’t be given the green light to be negligent when it comes to protecting workers and students.


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