Tuesday, 16 June 2020 17:28

87% Say Distracted Driving Worse Today than Two Years Ago: Insurance.com Study


Insurance.com surveyed 1,000 motorists, finding that distracted driving and other bad behavior are serious problems.

Insurance.com shares survey results in this report: Distracted, Discourteous and Dangerous Driving. 


Findings include:


What most often distracts drivers


  • 24% Texting
  • 20% Navigation systems
  • 16% Children in the car


Men say texting is their biggest driver distraction, while women report their largest distraction is navigation systems.


Frequency of texting while driving


  • 50% Only a few times ever
  • 14% about three or four times a year
  • 13% about three or four times a month


Why and how often drivers take photos or selfies


  • 46% take photos of majestic views
  • 38% photograph the weather
  • 35% take selfies because they look especially great on a given day

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