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Ford Cautions Against the Use of Aftermarket Glass

Ford Motor Company issued a statement outlining what it says is the need for OEM glass to be used in replacement on the company’s vehicles.

The statement says the “[w]indshield and side glass play an integral role in the performance and functionality” of some of the passenger safety features and “it is critical that the vehicle be restored to proper operating condition” when it comes to glass removal and replacement.


“The original glass used on Ford Motor Company vehicles is designed and built to provide optimum fit, function, safety and structural integrity. The quality, performance and safety of aftermarket replacement windshield and side glass may not meet Ford Motor Company’s exacting specifications, and can result in key safety features not functioning properly and reduced customer satisfaction in the performance of their vehicle," Ford says in the statement.


"For these reasons, Ford Motor Company does not approve the use of aftermarket windshield or side replacement glass. Only by using Ford Original Equipment Carlite replacement glass can you be assured of the fit, function, safety and structural integrity of the repair.”

The company goes on to list the specific links between glass and the technology in their cars. Some windshields have cameras and integrated camera brackets for use in different Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and Ford says these cannot be replicated on aftermarket windshields, some of which, the company indicates, “often contain distortion that adversely affects the cameras operation, which can result in improper ADAS operation.”


Head Up Display (HUD) windshields are specifically designed and manufactured to eliminate secondary HUD images, and SoundScreen® acoustic windshield and side glass are engineered with acoustic dampening technology within the glass layers to reduce road, wind and other exterior noise to maintain the quiet interior ride of the vehicle, none of which, Ford says, can be duplicated to the same degree by aftermarket glass.


“Aftermarket glass often does not meet the same stringent specifications as genuine Ford glass and can result in poor quality HUD performance,” according to the statement.


Read Ford’s full Collision Position Statement here


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