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Friday, 22 May 2020 21:32

These Are the Titans Waiting to Take On the Tesla Cybertruck

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


Pickups, for many years, have been centralized around the same design. This design has consisted of varying sizes of cabins and a bed. All of these things can be customized in terms of size, length and depth, to an extent. However, the overall design of the pickup truck has never really changed.


Sedans and SUVs, meanwhile, carry a nearly endless number of designs and technicalities that make them individualized and unique. This characteristic is something trucks simply do not have, and Tesla was sure to highlight this during the Cybertruck’s unveiling event in November.


Munro’s video series on the Cybertruck intends to help solve the mystery of what truck a conflicted buyer should find next. It will go much further than simple specifications, he said.


“We are going to be discussing things in a little more detail than just an overview or reading of the specs…but we are not tearing these things down,” he said while standing in front of three legacy automaker trucks.


The series is sure to shed some light on the more technical findings that Munro has on the currently available trucks. However, he intends to get his hands on the Cybertruck when it is eventually released, which could be his most anticipated teardown series yet.


We thank Teslarati for reprint permission. 

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