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Thursday, 21 May 2020 18:38

PPP Borrowers: The Gleam is Off and Beware the Taxman Cometh

Written by Kent Carlson




The IRS recently weighed in with some guidance of its own that will likely not be welcomed by borrowers. The CARES Act specifies any amount of loan forgiveness will be excluded from gross income. This led many, if not most, of the businesses applying for the PPP loan to believe these funds would be tax-free.


With IRS Notice 2020-321, issued April 30, the IRS pulled an end-around. While acknowledging any amounts forgiven would not be treated as taxable income, it also announced any expenses paid for with those funds would not be tax deductible. Basically, it said, since it wasn’t the business's money paying those expenses, the business should not get to deduct them from its income for tax purposes.


While this may be technically an appropriate stance for the IRS to take, it seems to go directly against the intent of those who drafted the law. This has been borne out in subsequent days as a number of congressmen and senators from both parties have expressed opposition to this IRS notice, and bills have been presented in both the House and the Senate to restore the tax deductibility of expenses paid with funds that are forgiven.


Unfortunately, these bills have not become law yet, which leaves business owners wondering if they will have a large tax bill due as a result of participating in the PPP. For example, assume the owner of an S-Corp received a $250,000 PPP loan, which was subsequently forgiven in whole. If this owner has a personal tax rate of 30%, the owner’s taxes will increase by $75,000 (i.e., $250,000 x 30%) as a result of not being able to deduct the $250,000 in expenses paid for with the PPP funds.


Unless Congress acts, the tax impact will be sizeable. And since the news about this did not come from the SBA or Treasury, the usual sources of updates on the PPP, it may also be unexpected when business owners prepare their taxes for 2020.




While the PPP is providing a lifeline to many businesses during this pandemic, some of its luster has undoubtedly rubbed off due to questions about who it is designed to help and uncertainty related to having the loans forgiven. And now, even the taxman has arrived.


1IRS Notice 2020-32 can be found here.


Kent Carlson, the founder of Ad Meliora Consulting, has more than two decades of experience assisting body shops with moving "toward better." To contact him, call (847) 372-0527 or email him at kent@admeliora.org. For information on an upcoming webinar in which Kent discusses this topic, visit collisionresourcesinc.com.

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