Thursday, 14 May 2020 22:18

Auto Sales Down, But Not Lost, Survey Says

Written by Steven Finlay, Wards Auto
Madison Gross is director of consumer insights for CarGurus. Madison Gross is director of consumer insights for CarGurus.


“Many people said they miss interacting [at the dealership] with the car they are buying and the person they are buying from.”


She attributes that sentiment in part to customer experience advances dealers have made in recent years. 
The study indicates some people who had no plans to purchase a vehicle soon now are more interested in doing so. Gross cited three reasons for that:


  • A heightened interest in personal-vehicle ownership among people whose interest in ride and car sharing has waned because of the virus. They now are reluctant to ride in a vehicle that has had multiple occupants beforehand.
  • Many automakers are offering generous financing terms, including 0% interest and deferred payments on select models. Those incentives have successfully drawn in buyers.  

More than 90% of respondents look forward to treating themselves when businesses reopen, and 42% see a vehicle purchase as a way to treat themselves.


“To some people, it would be getting a manicure, to others it would be buying a car,” Gross said.


Among those who currently need to service their vehicle, more than half (54%) say they have delayed that work.


A majority of respondents say they would feel more comfortable taking their vehicle to a dealership service department if it adhered to Centers for Disease Control guidelines (66%), stressed sanitation steps it is taking (55%) and required mechanics to wear hygienic gloves and masks at all times (51%). 


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