Monday, 11 May 2020 22:27

Conquering Corona Mindset at Car Dealerships

Written by Justin Gasman, for Wards Auto


They are coming in scared. They are wearing gloves and protection masks. For the first time in history, they aren’t stealing our pens! They are bringing their own.

It is life at the car dealership during coronavirus times.


We are interacting with customers in a much different fashion than we are used to. The playing field has been evened. We have much common ground, which is a silver lining.


Normally, we are trained to pick up clues and within minutes, establish credibility and find common ground.


The sales incentives have never been better with 0% for 84 months and 120 days until first payment.


The time to complete the sale has decreased tremendously. The days of customers shopping you against five other dealers have ceased. They do not want to go into five dealerships. They want to get in and get out.


If they like, trust and respect you, the resistance level drops and the gross profit increases. With online credit apps and the ability to hold a digital chat or a good old-fashioned phone call, the customer can send over all the documentation you need, such as driver’s licenses, proof of insurance and trade registration along with payoff information.


Then you can essentially prepare the deal, get it approved and be ready for the show when they arrive to complete the necessary paperwork. Ask for the gross and you just might get it.


Some personal tips:


When you’re not at the dealership, try to stay fit. Go for a walk. Stay positive. Stay #Bing! Do whatever it takes to not allow the situation we are in to overwhelm you.


That is really tough to do right now. A lot of people are struggling---they are scared. Stay connected and stay mentally fit.


Relationships matter. To quote an interlude from one of my favorite songs by Dennis Lloyd, "GFY": “And whether your relationship is awful, good or great, we don’t like endings.”


We don’t like to lose things. And especially, we don’t like to lose things that are important to us. Make no mistake, relationships are the single most important thing to you and your life. They are the source of memories, good and bad.

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