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Nationwide to Make Work-From-Home Permanent

Written by Allison Bell, NU PropertyCasualty360
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Nationwide says having employees work at home in response to the COVID-19 crisis is going so well it plans to shut down at least five of its traditional brick-and-mortar offices by Nov. 1.

The employees and other workers associated with those offices will shift to working permanently at home, Nationwide announced April 29.


The Columbus, OH-based insurer said it will keep four main brick-and-mortar offices in place and it will also keep some smaller brick-and-mortar offices open.


“As our organization continues to evolve to meet the needs of our members and distribution partners, we’re proud that our associates are ready to embrace new ways of working,” Mark Berven, president of Nationwide Property & Casualty, told PropertyCasualty360. “Expanding our alternative work environment allows us to continue to recruit and retain the best talent and pass along the operational benefits enabled by our technology investments to our customers.”


Nationwide said it’s still working on some of the work-from-home shift details, such as what kinds of equipment, support mechanisms and telework agreements the company needs to complete the shift.


The company tried to ease communities’ worries that closings of brick-and-mortar offices could affect support for the nonprofit organizations located near those offices.


“Nationwide remains committed to its philanthropic efforts throughout the country,” the company said in a release.


Kirt Walker, Nationwide’s CEO, said in a statement that Nationwide has been investing for years in the kinds of technology that can support having employees work at home.


“Those investments really paid off when we needed to transition quickly to a 98% work-from-home model,” Walker said. “Our associates and our technology team have proven to us that we can serve our members and partners with extraordinary care with a large portion of our team working from home.”


Nationwide chose which brick-and-mortar offices to keep in place based on factors such as current large concentrations of workers, maintaining the ability to serve enrollees in different time zones and maintaining access to talent and expertise.

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