Tuesday, 05 May 2020 00:38

Five Tools to Enhance Customer Interactions and Experiences During COVID-19

Written by Chanell Turner, CBT Automotive Network


As some states are lifting their shelter-in-place orders, many individuals are worried about carrying on as normal.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 80% of respondents still favored strict shelter-in-place restrictions, with many refusing to leave their homes.


As a result, many small businesses, including dealerships, may have to continue to conduct online sales and limit the time customers are spending in the showroom.


Your dealership is going to need to have and use the right tools to keep this going in a longer-term situation. You may already be using some solid options. Nevertheless, this article is meant to be a guide to help select the right types of apps that can help more easily interact with customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


So, what should be in your CX and communication tool collection? See the tools that you should add to your CX stack below. 


Video Conferencing


Let’s get this one out of the way now---if you were already using this, great! However, you may only be video chatting with colleagues at this point. Alternatively, this is also a great way to connect with customers.


Whether you are showing them a vehicle, taking them through a repair or walking them through the F&I process, video chat tools like ZoomSkype or an encrypted solution like Wire can help you add convenience to dealer-customer interactions, even after this pandemic is over.


Project Management/Task Delegation 


Do you want to make sure those customer inquiries and test drive schedulings don’t fall through the cracks? One of the best ways you can ensure your CX improves is by having an organized method of delegating tasks to your various departments, especially sales.


A solution like Trello allows you to delegate tasks with the help of Kanban cards. Asana and Todoist enable you to develop more traditional to-do-lists, create tasks dependencies and use an overall calendar view. Some even have integrations with video conferencing solutions.


Again, you want to make sure all client interactions happen, and a project management and task delegation tool allow you to do this. 


Meeting and Event Scheduler 


You may already have an online scheduler that integrates with your dealership homepage. Nevertheless, you need to ensure any scheduling tool you have is efficient and can integrate with other apps to add some ease to your work day.


For example, apps like Calendly and Freebusy connect to most major email client-based calendars (Google, Outlook, iCal and others). So, instead of having to go into a website portal to see meetings customers may have scheduled, these apps can sync up to email calendars, task delegation apps and even to video conferencing tools.

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