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Most Shops Weathering The Storm---So Far

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The shop has no DRP arrangements and no dealer relationships, though they are certified by FCA, Honda, Nissan, Lexus and a few others.


“In our shop, we work for the customer," Hassell wrote. "Our customers are our friends, and we make things right for them.”


When asked how he was handling his employee situation, Hassell replied, “We had one guy that was getting ready to retire, so he took this opportunity to do just that, and gave a younger guy a chance to stay on. That was very gracious of him. Other people were in a financial situation that would allow them to take a couple of weeks off without pay so that worked out. Plus, we have shifted hours around for some people and gone to a no-overtime policy. So, it’s all worked out.”


Hassell noted there is a heavy concentration of shops in his area. Some are busy, some are dead.


One shop in northern California noted their DRP work had all but dried up, so they were knocking on doors of businesses that were still open to find work. One high-end shop in Utah has taken on some restoration work for the brands they usually handle--- mainly Porsche and BMW. And one shop in a snowbelt area has taken on more rust-repair jobs to keep busy.


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