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More Industry Companies Share Thoughts on COVID-19 Relief Programs

Written by Emmariah Holcomb, glassBYTEs.com


glassBYTEs previously released an article detailing government COVID-19 relief program options for auto glass business owners. Since then, additional companies have come forward and have shared what programs they view as most valuable.

“The stimulus package won’t do it all; the government needs to come in and help get businesses back, like infrastructure even, you know similar to what President (Franklin) Roosevelt did just to get people working,” said Peter Brown, Tiny and Sons Auto Glass Co. president.


Mesko Glass & Mirror


Mesko Glass & Mirror owner Joe Mesko has applied for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), part of the CARES Act. All $349 billion designated to it has been used, though Congress is expected to approve more. Mesko believes PPP will be mutually beneficial to his company and employees in addition to aiding the business when it’s able to “start back up our staffing.”


Mesko didn’t find it challenging to fill out the form.


“(I feel) the form was simple enough to complete, although (providing) the back-up of employee payroll was a bit cumbersome, it is required to confirm payroll,” Mesko said.


Tiny and Sons


Tiny and Sons may have temporarily closed its doors until the end of the month, but prior to that decision, Brown had applied for government relief.


“I’ve never had to borrow money before and it’s hard, business is off by 75%,” said Brown. “I looked at PPP, but I’d have to bring everyone (his employees) back.”


According to Brown, he had spoken to banks about the available options and he states they were “overwhelmed.”


“I think there will be a big burst but it will take a long time to revamp and unfortunately many businesses won’t survive---like the smaller start-ups,” Brown said.


However, he did apply for aid, after waiting a few weeks from its initial start date to apply.


“I waited two weeks before applying for anything and the banks have said it will take weeks before we hear anything about the application status,” said Brown.


The PipeKnife Company


Dell Skluzak, owner of the PipeKnife Company, has applied for a few relief options and prepared ahead.


“Based on what I saw happening when President (Donald) Trump invoked the travel ban, and having had travelled extensively in China, I realized in late January and early February that this virus was different and would have a significant impact,” recalled Skluzak. “Beginning in early February we began stacking up orders for personal protective equipment (PPE) and began quadrupling orders for gloves, spray bottles and other products that may be affected by supply chain interruptions.”

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