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COVID-19 Outbreak Prompts Auto Glass Shops to Take Action

Written by Emmariah Holcomb, glassBYTEs.com


Other safety measures auto glass businesses can implement, according to Beranek, include:

  • Practicing social distance with clients and customers;
  • Refrain from shaking hands and having close interactions with customers; and
  • If a touch or interaction cannot be eliminated, then sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer and/or hand washing after interaction would be called for.

“Just practice good common sense. We, as auto glass installers, are familiar with contamination mitigation. Reassure your customers that you have been practicing virus elimination with the steps above and they will appreciate your dedication to their safety both in safe auto glass installation and their well-being during this virus crisis,” Beranek added.


Jack Morris Auto Glass (JMAG) issued a COVID-19 safety policy on its site that highlights the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations.


“To best protect our employees and customers, we are encouraging the use of our mobile service. We will come to your home or workplace to replace or repair your auto glass so that you do not have to come to our shop,” said Paul Morris, JMAG president.


JMAG technicians use safety gloves, practice frequent hand washing and sanitizing, and have suspended hand-shaking with customers. JMAG also encourages its customers to leave their keys in their car instead of handing them to a technician.


“If you choose to come to our shop, rest assured we are frequently cleaning our work environment and washing and sanitizing our hands. We have paid leave available to all our employees, and anyone exhibiting any symptoms is not allowed to be at work,” a portion of JMAG’s site reads.


“Overall we are as ready as we can be, just look out for the elderly, be there for the kids, and shop responsibly,” said Brown.


Is your auto glass shop taking additional precautions? If so, share them in the comment section on glassBYTEs.com and look to a future edition as glassBYTEs.com continues to cover COVID-19.


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