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Tractable Secures $25M in Funding, CEO Shares Grand Vision for Collision Repair Industry

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One of the biggest challenges Tractable faces is related to the industry’s perception of A.I. 
“Many people see A.I. technology as futuristic and deeply technical,” Dalyac said. “Shops insist they are in the business of repairing cars and that this advanced technology isn’t really part of their daily operations; however, you don’t need to be an A.I. person to test and evaluate A.I. software. You actually need to be able to repair a car to evaluate the software effectively.”
Noting that many companies releasing A.I. technology are only offering “smoke and mirrors and a lot of canned visuals,” Dalyac encouraged collision repairers to test Tractable and other A.I. solutions.
“You’re in the best position to be able to determine which A.I.s work and which don’t," Dalyac said. "You can tell if the A.I. is struggling to identify a dent in a photo or if it gets confused by a shadow on the hood. Repairers should test the A.I. and use their expertise to determine if the software yields the correct results.”
Tractable invites feedback from shops on the accuracy of its A.I. 
“Shops’ feedback will help us determine the best way to develop Tractable’s A.I. to the level we want---to a level that benefits every segment of the collision repair industry,” Dalyac said.
For more information about Tractable and its A.I. software, visit tractable.ai.

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