Tuesday, 03 March 2020 18:23

DCR Systems Team Creates Fastener Solution for Today's Complex Repairs

DCR Systems' new Inventory Table. DCR Systems' new Inventory Table. DCR Systems


DCR Systems has introduced an innovative new product for the collision repair industry--the DCR Systems Inventory Table. 
The table was created by the DCR Systems team to be more effective during the repair planning process and ultimately, the reassembly process, and engineered and built by Symach.
DCR Systems received a patent for the table’s unique structure in January.
“The product was developed as a result of a challenge that occurs in many body shops across the country,” said Michael Giarrizzo, CEO of DCR Systems’ dealer-based collision centers. 
The problem, according to Giarrizzo, is that much of the hardware, fasteners and clips needed to reassemble a vehicle correctly are often damaged, missing or deemed one-time use by the manufacturers as a result of an accident.
“Gone are the days of utilizing the ‘MacGyver bucket’ of leftover hardware for today’s complex vehicle systems,” said Giarrizzo.
DCR challenged its team to come up with a better way to identify, organize and make sound decisions on all of the materials, fasteners, clips and hardware required to repair the vehicle properly. 
“Our team put their heads together and created a solution with regards to the complex fastener and hardware requirements of today’s advanced vehicles,” said Giarrizzo. “We’ve devised a simple and easy system for collision repairers, which helps with accuracy and efficiency during the repair planning and reassembly process.”
He said fastener systems are an integral part of the reconstruction of today’s automobiles. 

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