Friday, 28 February 2020 12:00

Canadian Company Takes Aim at 'Pushy Autobody Shops' Via New App

Written by Kelvin Gawley, NEWS 1130


He cited a 2018 report from insurance company Aviva that estimated auto insurance fraud costs Canadians $2 billion per year, including from auto body shops lying to customers and intentionally damaging vehicles.
Bridgeport Collision in Richmond is among the first shops using the app.
Assistant Manager Mike Wang said he has had two cars come in through the app in the month his company has been on the platform.
While it’s been a relatively slow start, Wang said he’s hopeful AutoBuddy will become more popular.
Wang said he doesn’t consider autobody shops overcharging to be “fraud” but the result of an “imbalance of information,” which the app can help counteract.
He called the app a “win-win” because it brings shops more customers while bringing down costs and hassle for customers, Wang said.
As for insurance provider ICBC, it seems the app is getting some support as the crown corporation said, "Any apps that help to bring greater awareness to consumers are a good thing, as they help people make more informed decisions."

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