Friday, 28 February 2020 20:00

Canadian Company Takes Aim at 'Pushy Autobody Shops' Via New App

Written by Kelvin Gawley, NEWS 1130


A developer of a new app in Canada says he wants to make autobody repairs easier and cheaper for drivers---and take on dishonest body shops in the process.
Iouri Ovtchinnikov, co-founder of AutoBuddy Technologies, said he first got the idea for a new app when he owned his own autobody repair shop.
He decided to drive around to his competitors with his own lightly scratched car to see how their rates compared to his.
He said he would have charged $700 to $800 but got estimates ranging from $400 to $1,700.
“I was really confused why some shops were doing it so low and why some shops were trying to rip me off,” Ovtchinnikov said, adding some of the shops were “very pushy.”
“It was a really bad customer experience so I decided to do something to help people that are in those situations,” he said.
Ovtchinnikov said the experience inspired him to provide a service that would experience a thing of the past.
With a friend, he developed AutoBuddy, an app that lets drivers upload pictures of minor vehicle damage.
Then body shops in the area can provide estimates, kicking off a bidding process.
In addition to saving vehicle owners time and money, Ovtchinnikov said the app keeps shops honest because those overcharging won’t get any business.

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