Thursday, 27 February 2020 19:08

Auto Dealership-Based Collision Repair Facilities Experience Renaissance


That high-quality repair and customer service experience also helps the dealership retain customer loyalty for future vehicle purchases.
For Randy Yockey, owner of Friendly Ford and CARSTAR Friendly in Roselle, IL, the decision to join CARSTAR was a no-brainer, and he encourages other dealerships to look at the partnership model as they evaluate their dealership opportunities.
“We knew we were suffering with our collision center at our Ford dealership,” said Yockey. “Our body shop was going nowhere, and after two fires, we had no customers. We knew we needed to do something.
"We were approached by CARSTAR, and joined for five years. I’m proud to say we just re-upped for 10 years. 
"We went from no business to about $2.5 million in business in the first five years," Yockey said. 
"We have some 30 DRPs, we’re hiring every day and our shop is filled with work. We’re looking for a better location because we’ve outgrown our current one," he said.
“For other dealership owners, I’d say the partnership with CARSTAR is a no-brainer, I definitely endorse it,” said Yockey. 
“If you’re willing to work hard and invest in your business, improving your collision repair facility is a great opportunity. Take a look at CARSTAR, talk with local CARSTAR owners, talk to dealership owners like me. 
"Frankly, you aren’t going to make it unless you are part of a MSO,” he said.


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