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Wednesday, 19 February 2020 22:51

Plug In America Will Fix the No. 1 EV Adoption Hurdle: Car Dealers

Written by Jameson Dow, electrek


Plug in America, a group that advocates for electric vehicles in the US, has announced a nationwide campaign to train car dealers how to sell electric cars.

Any interested dealer can sign up for the course on Plug In America’s website and start getting training on how to better sell electric cars.

Plug In America has been running the “PlugStar” dealer program since 2016.


Until now, it was only available in a few states and cities.

PlugStar has trained over 100 dealers and 1,000 dealer and manufacturer staff in that time, and so far it’s been quite a success.


Plug In America says dealers that have received PlugStar training sell 4x as many EVs as their counterparts, and their customers are twice as satisfied with the sales experience (70% gave a 5-out-of-5 star rating to PlugStar dealers, versus 35% for non-PlugStar dealers).

Since electric cars work differently than gas cars and have different advantages, dealers need to know how to talk about these things with customers, and how to set expectations properly so customers are comfortable and prepared for their new vehicle.

But most dealers don’t know these things, and as a result they end up pushing customers away from electric cars.

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