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Tuesday, 07 January 2020 17:58

Tesla Cybertruck Wins Concept Car of the Year Award for Its Unique Design

Written by Joey Klender,
Tesla Cybertruck Wins Concept Car of the Year Award for Its Unique Design


The Tesla Cybertruck has been subjected to many nods of both praise and criticism.

But as we begin the new year and a new decade, we can mark another tally in the vehicle’s “Praise” section, as Automobile Magazine has named the electric pickup truck from Tesla as their Concept Car of the Year.


Automobile Magazine made it simple: the basic idea and shape of the car were simply so unique that it was easily the best concept of 2019. Inspired by the late Syd Mead’s designs in Blade Runner, the truck was met with a lot of criticism early on due to its XY design, and critics were particularly vocal about their discontent. Nevertheless, the truck has inspired a lot of interest, part of which fueled at least 250,000 reservations for the vehicle.


“Some critiques we read in the first few hours after its initial reveal suggested it to be a manifestation of unimaginative brutality, crude, ugly, and totally impractical. It is certainly different from traditional pickups, which apart from size have not really changed in concept in 100 years. Is it better than the tens of millions of pickups made during the past century? That remains to be seen, but as a concept vehicle it’s both exciting and profoundly interesting,” the publication wrote.


The motoring publication also noted how the Cybertruck features a lot of practical features, such as its adaptive suspension that makes it easier for the vehicle to load and unload cargo. The all-electric pickup’s off-road capabilities were also considered as key strengths of the Tesla Cybertruck.


With this award, the Cybertruck joins the ranks of Tesla’s other vehicles like the Model 3, which has also been receiving multiple awards due to its mix of performance, practicality, and price. Since then, the truck has been talked about by people from all different walks of life. Automotive industry veterans and musicians have commented or given the truck their nod of approval. The Cybertruck was even used as a hero vehicle in a rap video, together with its companion all-electric ATV and Elon Musk’s Not-a-Flamethrower.

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