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CCG Enjoys Success in 2019, Plans Further Growth in 2020 and Beyond

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CCG Enjoys Success in 2019, Plans Further Growth in 2020 and Beyond Certified Collision Group


“When an affiliate can’t get a service issue resolved locally, we can escalate the concern to the vendor’s corporate office for resolution. This is typically something an independent repairer can’t do on their own.”


CCG partners with well-known industry providers, such as AkzoNobel, PPG and 3M, to provide value-added benefits on a variety of products and services. “We look at the types of products our affiliates use on a regular basis and try to meet their needs and provide extra value by partnering with those vendors. We’re always looking for additional vendors and ways to add value,” Laky stated.


Cornelius, vice president of Affiliate Services since 2016, described his role of vetting affiliates next. “Prospects are shops that are referred to us, and we only take prospects by referrals, which come from our affiliates as well as our vendor and insurer partners, because they know what we’re looking for and only send the top ten to 15% to us. If the prospect successfully passes our vetting process, they become an affiliate. This is what we call a win-win-win; it’s a win for CCG, a win for our vendors and insurers, and a win for the new affiliate because we help them grow their business,” he explained.


After CCG receives a prospect’s application, the business development group explains the process to the prospect, and once a non-disclosure agreement is signed, CCG vets the prospect by examining the shop’s KPIs, CSIs, I-CAR status, current DRPs, community involvement, business practices, certification status, equipment and more to acquire a “pretty good idea of who that prospect is so we can make a recommendation about whether to offer them a contract,” Cornelius shared.


“If they’re not a fit, we share information on where they need to improve and ask them to contact us in the future if they’re still interested,” he continued. “If they are a fit, we move forward with making them an affiliate. Once the contracting process is complete, we have an onboarding call to set up their accounts and profile. Then, my team becomes the single point of contact going forward to make it easy for them to settle in while still having consistent discussion going back and forth.”

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