Tuesday, 17 December 2019 17:16

Assured Performance Launches Five-Star Business Performance Program

Assured Performance announced the launch of their national “Five-Star Business Performance” program, focusing on maximizing the success of their Certified Repair Provider Network.

If effectively implemented, research suggests that repairers and insurers combined can save between 8 – 14% of their Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE) and Settlement costs.


This comprehensive initiative will now be available to almost 3,000 certified repairers across the country, starting in January 2020.


“We understand the challenge facing shops as they begin the transformation needed to repair tomorrow’s advanced vehicles,” stated Scott Biggs, CEO and founder of Assured Performance. “Our goal is to provide all the technology, innovation, and support necessary to enable certified repairers to adopt business practices to perform at far higher efficiency and effectiveness.”


Biggs added, “We welcome synergy and collaboration with all industry segments to integrate the new requirements and business practices for certified repair providers.”