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The Future of DRP: Is There One?

Written by Autobody News Contributor
L to R: Stacey Phillips and Pete Tagliapietra. L to R: Stacey Phillips and Pete Tagliapietra.


Another option for shops, especially for those that aren’t part of a DRP, is registering and participating in a non-network services program such as Customer Shop of Choice and Open Shop, which send assignments to shops via the Internet. Ameriprise’s Shop of Choice Program is an example of online claims handling for non-DRP shops.


Tagliapietra recommended getting aligned with one or two of the 18 OEM certified repair networks available based on the most popular vehicles in a shop’s geographic area. Although these programs are often costly, he said it’s worth considering.


“OEMs are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their brands,” said Tagliapietra. “Over the next five years, you will see OEM certified repair networks have a big influence on how cars get repaired and where they get repaired.”


In addition, Tagliapietra mentioned that shops can seek to be a preferred dealer repair service and/or a third-party administrator (TPA) network shop.


The presentation also included information about the importance of participating in social media and digital marketing. Tagliapietra invited a media consultant, Stacey Phillips, to explain why it is relevant and how it can help grow a collision repair business.


Phillips shared some of the benefits of digital marketing, in particular social media, with attendees. They included more accessibility to customers; the ability to interact with customers and find out what their needs are; and the opportunity to build relationships with insurance companies. She also said it can be very cost-effective for businesses and is measurable.


“The bottom-line is that your competitors are online and it’s becoming vital to survival,” said Phillips. “As DRP programs continue to shrink, it’s important for businesses to look at new ways of marketing. This will not only help publicize their businesses in their local market, but it will also help contribute to their future success moving forward.”

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