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Thursday, 29 August 2019 21:06

AI: What Every Dealership Needs to Know About This Game-Changer

Written by Jason Unrau, CBT Automotive Network


Artificial Intelligence is no longer relegated strictly to Sci-Fi movies or futuristic dreams. 

 It doesn’t look like a silver boy-shaped robot, but AI is firmly embedded in the mainstream, and that includes automotive.


Intelligent Manufacturing


Research, design, and manufacturing processes have been transformed by AI, all without ever being brought into view. Beneath the shiny coat of paint and the incredibly precise manufacturing standards today, AI plays a factor.


Tailored Auction Purchasing


Manheim M LOGIC is now at work in the world’s largest wholesale used car marketplace – the auction lane. Real-time data is collected and analyzed in M LOGIC to personalize the dealer’s shopping experience, provide automated optimization results for reconditioning and market analysis, and up-to-the-minute valuation tools so you can be sure you’re buying auction cars right.


ADAS Systems Use AI


Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, and other advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) take advantage of artificial intelligence. This is where the world expects AI to be used in automotive – to make operating a car safer and, ultimately, a driverless experience.


Pinpoint Marketing


Advertising has become nearly impossible to accurately target buyers and sifting through big data at the dealer level simply isn’t practical. AI-based cloud platforms can make targeted ads not only possible but incredibly valuable. It has the power to identify acute circumstances in the ownership experience and display relevant ads in real-time, from oil change deals to locating a public charging station and suggesting local restaurants that fit the driver’s profile.


AI as a Disruptor in Automotive


There’s no part of the automotive industry that can’t benefit from, and won’t be affected by, AI. New vehicle procurement and ordering, wholesale purchasing, trade-in pricing, targeted marketing, service reminders, vehicle diagnosis, parts ordering – all have either been already impacted by AI or will be in the near future.


Maximizing AI to Meet Customer Expectations


In the digital era, customers demand more than ever before. AI helps deliver that in manufacturing first. Vehicles have tighter tolerances from process that self-learn and improve without human input. Quality control is better than ever. And for customer expectations, that’s a great start.

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