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Thursday, 29 August 2019 17:00

Kukui Webinar Emphasizes Importance of Understanding Metrics

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Chilukuri continued, “It’s easy to get inundated with all these metrics, but what you really need to do is tell your story. What are the core metrics that drive your business? To me, profitability is the bottom line, and Tekmetric tries to highlight everything related to profit, plus we enable users to adjust to volume shifts and use metrics based on current needs.”


Gossel and Grabina answered questions as the webinar concluded. Grabina emphasized the value of communicating with the vehicle owner: “Text them the inspection and then call them to go over it. Review the estimate with them and make recommendations. Walk them through the guided approval process. Customers appreciate seeing what’s going on and making the decision because they’re in control, and that’s empowering. It’s all about transparency.”

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