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Tesla Used Car Warranty Lawsuit Includes Model S and Model X

Written by David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com


A Tesla used car warranty lawsuit alleges pre-owned Model S and Model X warranties aren't much good, especially when it comes to the batteries.


The following 2012-present models are included in the proposed used car class-action lawsuit.


  • Tesla Model S 60
  • Tesla Model S P85+
  • Tesla Model S 60D
  • Tesla Model S 85
  • Tesla Model S 90D
  • Tesla Model S 75
  • Tesla Model S P85
  • Tesla Model S 85D
  • Tesla Model S 70
  • Tesla Model S 90D
  • Tesla Model S P90D
  • Tesla Model S 75D
  • Tesla Model S 90 (2015)
  • Tesla Model S P85D
  • Tesla Model S 70D
  • Tesla Model S P100D
  • Tesla Model S 100D
  • Tesla Model X 60D
  • Tesla Model X 70D
  • Tesla Model X 75D
  • Tesla Model X 90D
  • Tesla Model X P90D
  • Tesla Model X 100D
  • Tesla Model X P100D


The lawsuit says Tesla has been selling used vehicles since April 2015 and more than 13,000 used Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles have been sold to customers nationwide.


But the plaintiff says even though the vehicles allegedly go through a certified pre-owned inspection, the automaker doesn't provide any type of checklist or written report to disclose the findings of the alleged inspections.


In the case of the plaintiff, he claims he wrongly believed Tesla's advertising concerning the capacity of the battery and never received a report about an inspection of the battery.


The plaintiff says he paid more than $40,000 for the Model S which was delivered in November 2017, but he says he was never provided a checklist of components that were inspected.


However, plaintiff Hugh Nguyen says he believed the car would get about 200 miles per full charge at 100% battery capacity, close to the 210-mile EPA rating displayed on Tesla’s website.


After taking delivery of the vehicle, he drove his Model S home and allegedly learned for the first time after charging his car’s battery to 100% that the maximum rated range was only 166 miles. The plaintiff says he drove and charged the car to 100% battery capacity several times, yet still received approximately 165-166 miles each time.

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