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Monday, 15 July 2019 17:08

Femcanic Garage Podcast Highlights Females in the Industry

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Femcanic Garage is a podcast featuring interviews with women in the automotive and racing industries. Femcanic Garage is a podcast featuring interviews with women in the automotive and racing industries. Femcanic Garage


Blasiman explained, adding, “The name lends itself to feminism and femininity which both have a bad rep. I’m exploring femininity from a new perspective, and I’m thinking about how we can rewrite the perception of what it really is and cultivate a discussion without shutting people down. It’s a large conversation, but I’m hoping to play a small part in it by empowering women.”


“It’s important to me that the Femcanic Garage podcast represents women in a strong, powerful, classy way, showing that they don’t have to demean themselves to draw attention to what they’re doing, to their accomplishments,” Blasiman continued. “You can be feminine – truly embrace your femininity – and still be a badass painter, fabricator or wrencher. Combat boots can be even sexier than heels!”


Blasiman’s love for automotive began when she was a young child whose stepfather worked on cars at an old goat farm across the street. “I remember running over in my little pink outfit to help him clean the car parts when I was maybe six years old. When I was 19, I paid $1,000 for an authentic 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible. It probably should have been crushed, but my stepdad and I restored it. I’ve always been an avid hobbyist.”


Despite her passion for automotive, Blasiman entered a marketing career and then moved into the financial industry where she enjoyed great success as a financial advisor until a former co-worker who had taken a position at Safelite informed Blasiman of an opportunity in their expanding project management office. Blasiman stated, “The opportunity to get into the automotive industry was very, very appealing to me.”


As she started preparing to turn her dream into reality, Blasiman knew she wanted to produce a high-quality product that her guests could proudly share with family and friends. “I want to be professional and be taken seriously,” Blasiman said. She confessed, “I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but I share my errors and challenges along the way too.”


The first Femcanic Garage podcast, released on March 25, 2019, served as an introduction to Blasiman and her new concept.

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