Friday, 28 June 2019 15:03

Ford Stresses Importance of Glass Repairs

Written by Tara Taffera, glassBYTEs.com

In the recent issue of Ford’s On Target newsletter, aimed at Ford and Lincoln wholesalers and the collision repair industry, the automaker details the importance of “proper fixed glass repairs.”

Ford Motor Company’s Senior Damageability Engineer Gerry Bonanni was interviewed regarding the proper repair procedure for vehicle fixed glass, and the important role it plays. Bonanni went so far as to say that skipping of a step or not following procedures exactly could result in “catastrophic results.”


“The fixed glass of the vehicle plays an important role in the overall strength of the roof and in ensuring a robust repair,” said Bonanni. “Especially the windshield, which provides strength and stability to the vehicle’s structure and affects how it performs in a collision event. Preserving that strength and stability is paramount, as is the proper preparation of the substrate to which the fixed glass adheres. If the fixed glass, such as the windshield, is not seated properly, and the substrate is not prepared correctly, the glass could pop right out during a subsequent collision event, seriously jeopardizing the overall structural integrity and safety of the vehicle.”


The article details specific installation instructions for everything from trimming the urethane, use of primer and more. If the vehicle is equipped with a camera, carry out IPMA camera alignment, referring to Section 419-07: Lane Keeping System, Description and Operation, the article states.


“Today’s vehicles are specifically designed and constructed to work together in a complex sequence to provide proper functionality and safety in the event of a collision,” said Bonanni. “Ford’s OEM repair procedures—as found in the workshop manual—are the only way to ensure the vehicle’s proper functionality and safety are maintained, providing peace of mind for repairers and customers alike. Unauthorized changes to any one component, skipping a step, or not adhering to the carefully and fully laid out Ford OEM repair procedures can cause catastrophic results.”


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